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The iPhone 7 completely demolishes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in a speed test

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With the iPhone 7’s release last week comes an onslaught of YouTube tests. We already watched a scratch resistance and drop test, and now we have one for speed. On YouTube channel PhoneBuff, David Rahimi pitted the iPhone 7 against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in a race to see which phone could open and run various apps, including different games and streaming services, the fastest. The iPhone 7 lapped the Note 7 and finished loading every app twice before Samsung’s newest phone managed to complete the first round. We already knew the iPhone 7’s A10 processor was supposed to be faster than the A9X in the iPad Pro, but dang.

Even though Samsung's phone is slower than the iPhone 7 in this test, users shouldn't notice any real lags. The Verge's own Vlad Savov wrote an entire editorial about this. Boiled down: the Note 7 isn't the fastest phone, but it's not slow either, and it comes with some great specs to make up for its speed. Also, really, when are you using your phone like this anyways?

Now just don’t do this test at home. Seriously, go return your recalled Note 7 if you still have it and make sure your new device is safe to use.

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