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The Devialet Immersive Theater System is almost dangerously loud

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Devialet, the manufacturer of some of the loudest and most unique-looking speakers on the market, announced its Immersive Theater System last week, which uses the latest and most powerful version of its Phantom speakers, the Gold Phantom, to deliver some truly ridiculous sound.

To put the Gold Phantom into context, we can compare it to Devialet’s other speakers. While $1,990 standard 750-watt Phantom can reach 90db, and the more expensive $2,390 Silver Phantom goes as loud as 105db, the $3,000 Gold Phantom clocks in at a monstrous 4,500-watts with a (nearly) deafening 108db maximum volume. And while those decibel changes may not sound like a lot, decibels are a logarithmic unit, meaning that a change of a few decibels can result in a huge change in volume.

Devialet showcased a 5.5 speaker setup using five Phantom Golds

Or to put it another way: using Purdue University’s relative volume chart, that’s roughly as loud as a nearby jet taking off or a live rock concert (and just below the average human pain threshold of 110db).

With that in mind, now consider that Devialet showcased a 5.5 speaker setup using five Phantom Golds to announce the Immersive Theater System. Additionally, the company says that the system is scalable, allowing you to use it in any size theater that you'd like to obliterate with sound. Pricing has yet to be announced (and likely would depend on how many Phantom Golds your system would use). Also, at $3,000 a speaker, it probably won’t be cheap.