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Garmin lowers the price of its Virb Ultra to $399, minutes after GoPro introduces its $399 Hero 5 Black

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GoPro hosted an event in Northern California today where it introduced its first drone and its new Hero 5 Black action camera, which will cost $399 when it’s released on Oct. 2. The company hadn’t updated its action cam since the Hero 4 in 2014. GoPro’s competitors took note of these announcements, too, and today, Garmin lowered the price of its recently released Virb Ultra 30 action cam by $100. It’s now the same price as the Hero 5 Black on Amazon.

The two companies' cameras are comparable in their features. Both the Hero 5 Black and Virb Ultra 30 support voice control, shoot 4K video, and come with digital image stabilization. Now they’re also the same price, making a purchasing decision just that more difficult.