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I'm pretty sure you can own this fence-scaling robot if you're willing to send inquiring emails

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Maybe there have been times you’ve thought about how fun it’d be to own a robot that can scale fences, climb stairs, and open doors. This thought probably would have come to you while watching a Boston Dynamics video, like the one with the robot giraffe. Or the one involving the robot dog that slipped on a banana peel. Remember those? Anyways, Boston Dynamics isn’t making something you can buy just yet, but another company, Ghost Robotics, is giving us hope. Its Ghost Minitaur robot is apparently available to buy, although we have no idea about its price and you have to contact the company directly to figure out how to buy one.

The Minitaur can run at a speed of up to four miles per hour and can scale fences after running and bouncing around. It's also got encoders that let it sense the ground and adapt to the terrain. So what can you use this robot for other than to show off to your friends? Ghost Robotics recommends conducting "gait research" with it because it can be programmed to "bound, pronk, walk, and trot." Good luck with your gait research.

Ghost Robotics