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Is this Google's Pixel smartphone?

Is this Google's Pixel smartphone?

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Google is expected to unveil its new smartphones a couple week from now, but an early look at them appears to have slipped out. Android Police caught two different leaks today. The first, inexplicably, comes from what's supposed to be a Nest commercial that aired in the Netherlands:

It's pretty unusual for a company to leak its own product this way (although Google's done it before), and often the more likely answer when it comes to ads is that we're looking at generic stand-in phone, as to not highlight any particular product.

But there's more reason to believe that phone is real, because Android Police also received photos of an identical device:

Android Police

Of course, it's still possible we're looking at a different phone or a knockoff. But earlier reports suggest this is Google's.

For one, Android Police, which has been behind just about all of the leaks on this new device, published a near-identical mockup back in July. And earlier today, GSMArena also spotted a case-maker using a similar mockup. There are some inconsistencies there that speak to just how often renders are speculative and wrong, but — at the very least — this is where all the evidence is currently pointing.

The new phone is expected to be called the Pixel and available in 5-inch and 5.5-inch sizes. It shouldn't be too long before we hear more.