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LG put Windows 10 on a fridge

LG put Windows 10 on a fridge

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Samsung unveiled a smart fridge with a giant 1080p touchscreen attached to it earlier this year at CES. Not to be outdone, LG is at IFA today in Berlin with its own smart fridge, except it goes one step further. While Samsung opted for Tizen in its own fridge, LG has gone for Windows 10. That means you can launch all kinds of Windows apps on the fridge, and even classics like MS Paint and regedit if you desire.

LG is using a 29-inch touchscreen that's also translucent. It's actually really impressive to simply look at, and it's fast and fluid to use. LG's own Windows 10 apps are designed so you can stick notes to the fridge, set a timer, add recipes and healthy information about meals, or simply mark food that you can see through the translucent display. It seems slightly bizarre to have an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM inside your fridge, but once I flicked over to Microsoft Edge to watch some YouTube videos I was intrigued at the idea.

As LG has opted for a full version of Windows 10, you can even install apps from the Windows Store on here, play music out of the speakers, or use Cortana for voice control. While the Windows 10 Start menu blocks out the contents of the fridge behind when you use it, apps simply blend into the translucent display so you can have the weather on display while checking how much milk you have left. It's all super ridiculous and I don't need Windows 10 on my fridge, but I really want it on there now.

LG isn't revealing exact specs of the fridge just yet or pricing and release information, but the Smart Instaview Door-in-Door fridge should launch later this year.