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TomTom, bless it, is still making GPS units and is releasing one with Wi-Fi

TomTom, bless it, is still making GPS units and is releasing one with Wi-Fi

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Wait, are you still using your phone as your primary GPS? That’s so 2007. TomTom’s got you, though, don’t worry. When you’re ready to finally make the switch to a dedicated GPS unit, the company’s Go devices might be what you want. The line was just revamped to include Wi-Fi, so updates will be sent over the air. The new version of the devices can also pair up with phones so text messages can be read aloud, hands-free calls can be made, and personal assistants, like Siri and Cortana, can be used. The Go units can also learn drivers’ patterns, so basically, if you get in your car at 7 a.m. every day to drive to work, your GPS will automatically navigate you there. Yes, you probably know the route by now (I hope), but TomTom’s devices avoid traffic.

Here's where things get confusing. TomTom sells four different Go units. In Europe, it sells the Go 5200 and 6200, which come with SIM cards and can receive live updates. Also in Europe and in the US, TomTom sells the Go 520 and 620. Those don't come with a SIM and instead need to pair with a phone to get traffic and speed camera alerts. You with me? Okay. Now, the company is planning to release new versions of all those devices. They'll still have the same name and number, but they'll have Wi-Fi and voice assistants. I assume the company will release the updated 520 and 620 in the US; the old ones currently cost $199.99. We don't have pricing info on what the new versions will cost. Phew. Welcome to 2016.