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Kodak's new 4K VR camera makes more sense than its old 360 camera

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JK Imaging launched Kodak-branded SP360 action cams at CES this past year, and although it marketed them as the solution for creating great VR content, you needed two cameras to create a fully spherical image. That wasn’t practical. The company is now remedying that oversight with the introduction of a new Kodak 4K VR camera, the 4KVR360, that can capture everything by itself. It has a 20-megapixel sensor with lenses on the front and back to record everything happening around it, whereas the original cameras had only one lens.

The 4KVR360 can connect to your phone through Wi-Fi or to a remote through Bluetooth. It can also hold up to 128GB of footage on its microSD card. It won’t ship until 2017, and we don’t have pricing info.

The 360-degree camera space is already pretty crowded, too, with cameras from major brands including Nikon and Samsung, as well as smaller companies, like Ricoh and 360Fly, being available to purchase. JK Imaging’s late to the game, but I guess if you’re waiting until 2017 to purchase a 360-degree camera this could be a option worth considering.