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Michael Kors is releasing a branded Instax camera that isn't so bad looking

Michael Kors is releasing a branded Instax camera that isn't so bad looking


So long as you like metallic gold

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Michael Kors x Fujifilm

I was prepared to hate the look of Michael Kors’ new Instax film camera. I don’t love his style, and after seeing his idea of fashionable smartwatches, I just wanted Michael Kors to take a seat. Designing gadgets isn’t everyone’s calling, you know? But Kors’ new camera isn’t actually so bad. I’m kind of into it after using it for a few days. Yes, it’s gaudy. Yes, it comes with Kors’ signature printed on the back. But it’s also a reliable instant camera that's fun to use, so honestly, who cares how it looks. The Instax Mini 70 is already stylish. At least Kors attempted to innovate on design.

Michael Kors x Fujifilm

The camera is pretty standard features-wise. It’s the same as every other Instax Mini 70. It has a flash and a dedicated selfie mode with a little built-in mirror so you can see yourself and pose. I tried this out at a party and would say it went over decently well. I don’t think it made me the most popular person at the party, but it did help me waste my film.

Apparently the camera is meant to capture the "jet-set Michael Kors aesthetic." I guess it sort of does that. I didn’t really feel like a jet setter with this camera in my bag, but I’m also not a jet setter so maybe that makes sense.

do you feel like a jet setter yet?

Kors will be releasing accessories to go with the camera, too, including "interchangeable studded guitar straps," a photo scrapbook, a leather photo keychain, and a gold-tone chain camera strap. I didn’t get a preview of these accessories, though I have to imagine they’ll add to the jet-setter feel.

It'll cost $149.99 when it's released. A typical Instax Mini 70 costs around $120. I'm guessing the Michael Kors-branded version costs more because feeling like a jet setter doesn't come cheap.