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Google teases mysterious October 4th launch with more mysterious rectangles

Google teases mysterious October 4th launch with more mysterious rectangles

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Google is holding an event on October 4th where it's widely expected to unveil its latest smartphones. Somewhat unusually for the company, it's also engaging in a bit of guerrilla marketing — we've seen more than one building-sized advert trailing the event, as well as pictures of a statue in Brooklyn Bridge Park shared by Redditor dolan313.

Both adverts and statue look just like the original video teaser released by Google this week, showing a plain white rounded rectangle alongside the date October 4th, and Google's "G" icon. There's also a hashtag on the base of the statue saying #MadeByGoogle — a phrase that's been popping up a lot for this event, suggesting that Google will be taking more responsibility for the design of whatever devices it announces, just like it does with its Pixel laptop and tablet. Although we might already have seen the phones in question, with leaks earlier this week showing two rather bland handsets that at least match the plain-rounded-rectangle look of the ads below.

The hashtag on the base of the statue. (Imgur via Reddit / dolan313)

Another Google ad, this time in Cologne. (Vlad Savov)

I'm personally hoping that Google is actually just misleading us, and that the original video teaser is much more straightforward than it seems. I believe that rather than phones, the company will unveil "your love" on October 4th, and that when said love is shown on stage, all of us will be invited to "come and get" it.

But fine, if this love comes in the form of new smartphones I'd be happy with that, too.