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Take your old Legos and turn them into a working drone

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Legos are great, but they'd be way more fun if they could fly around. Obviously. Flybrix is a company dedicated to getting our Legos in the air. Its "Make Your Own Drone Kit Using Lego" launched today and comes with everything you need to get your Lego drone in the air.

The basic pack comes with Legos, a flightboard, eight motor boom-arms and motors, eight propellers, a rechargeable battery, a charging cord, and a little pilot. It also comes with software so you can program your drone creation. More expensive kits come with a controller, but at the most basic level, you fly your drone through Flybrix’s app. The company isn’t supported or endorsed by Lego, but you can always augment your drone designs with extra bricks. Flybrix kits are available now and start at $149.