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Do desktop PC speakers really need Bluetooth?

Do desktop PC speakers really need Bluetooth?

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The 2.1 desktop speaker system is almost an institution in the computer world. You take two smaller satellite speakers by your monitor, one subwoofer to the side, and a mess of wires connecting everything together into a 3.5mm jack to plug into your computer. But technology always moves forward, so Logitech is releasing the Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth. Which is essentially just Logitech's Z333 Bold Sound 2.1 speaker system with added Bluetooth support.

And yes, these are desktop speakers that must be powered from a wall outlet, and are not portable in any reasonable way. Additionally, I feel like most people would probably just end up leaving these plugged straight into a computer instead of dealing with reconnecting to Bluetooth whenever you turn your PC on. But, if you share Logitech’s Bluetooth-filled dream, the Z337 Bold Sound will cost $99.99 when they ship later in September. That makes them $20 more than the nearly identical $79.99 Bluetooth-lacking Z333 Bold Sound (which, coincidentally, are currently shipping with a free Bluetooth receiver when ordered through Logitech’s website).