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Google will reportedly launch a new Wi-Fi router similar to Eero on October 4th

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Google is preparing to announce a new home router product called Google Wifi, according to a report from Android Police today. It's expected to debut at the company's October 4th event alongside new Pixel smartphones, a release date for the Google Home speaker, and a 4K-capable Chromecast rumored to be called Chromecast Ultra.

But the Wi-Fi device(s) might be the biggest surprise of the bunch; Android Police claims that Google has designed the Wifi so that multiple units can be linked together. If that's the approach, they'll likely form a mesh network not unlike Eero (which largely delivers on its promises) and similar products from more traditional router companies like Netgear. Google Wifi will cost $129 according to the report.

Based on this report, it's unclear whether Google Wifi will be part of the company's OnHub router family or something entirely separate. It's apparently going to have the same selling points: better range than most everyday routers and "smart" features. Google recently updated OnHub with new capabilities like the ability to control Philips Hue lighting systems. But OnHub routers are built by other companies like Asus. Still, a self-branded router would fit in perfectly with the "Made by Google" tagline that's being advertised in grand fashion ahead of the October event.