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The new Google Home speaker will reportedly cost $50 less than the Amazon Echo

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We figured Google was going to show off its Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home, at its event next month, but up until now, we had no idea on pricing. A report from Android Police today now suggests that the Home will cost $129 when it's released. That’s $50 less than the Echo. We have yet to see how well the Home works, but we do know that while it was built to be used across rooms and to answer questions using Search, Google hasn’t yet opened up its API, so it might not be compatible with as many devices as the Echo. Hopefully the OnHub router isn’t the norm for finding partner companies.

We’re also thinking Google will introduce a new router that’s similar to Eero at its event, as well as its new Pixel phones and a Chromecast Ultra that streams in 4K. That new Chromecast is expected to cost $69.

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