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This $50 stick-on camera could be a less-embarrasing replacement for your selfie stick

Last year, Podo Labs released the first iteration of the Podo — a Bluetooth-controlled, stick-on camera — on Kickstarter, and now the company is back with a new, upgraded version.

The second-generation Podo camera looks a lot like the first, but adds a few new features. The new Podo offers a 5-megapixel camera, with pixels that are twice as large as the original Podo, as well as a new wide-angle lens. Additionally, the second-generation model allows for up to six Podos to be chained together for simultaneous photography.

The new Podo also has a significant price advantage over the original Podo’s $100 price, with a Kickstarter price of $50 (which will later increase to $79 at retail). Podo Labs hopes to ship the devices as early as December of this year — a target which the company may actually hit given its previous experience in fulfilling Kickstarter rewards.