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Honeywell is introducing another HomeKit-compatible smart thermostat

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Honeywell introduced a new version of its Lyric smart thermostat at CES this year, and less than a year later it’s already bringing us another iteration. The new Lyric T5 Wi-Fi thermostat is similar to its CES brethren in that it’s controlled through Honeywell’s Lyric app, is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and Amazon's Alexa, can use your phone to set up a geofence, and will send you notifications when there are changes in humidity or temperature. So you’ll be able to control the thermostat with your voice either through Alexa or Siri. The T5 will cost $149 when it’s released in October, which is about $50 cheaper than the most recent Lyric smart thermostat. I have no idea why it’s priced more affordably. Maybe because it’s not as pretty as the older round version?

Honeywell’s biggest competitor, Nest, doesn’t support HomeKit (obviously, because Google), but it does work with the Amazon Echo. The company also just released new colors of its signature thermostat this month.