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This connected dog collar is a GPS and a fitness tracker

This connected dog collar is a GPS and a fitness tracker

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Link AKC

I’m not surprised a luxury leather smart dog collar exists.

One of my most humbling life moments happened when I was leaving work on a rainy night and came across a dog dressed in a raincoat and wearing booties. He was dressed more appropriately for the weather than me, and that made me feel insufficient. Dog owners keep their pets at the top of their game, everyone. So a dog collar that works not only as a fitness tracker but also as a GPS and light isn’t surprising.

Link AKC’s new collar bases its fitness tracking off a dog’s particular breed and weight, so owners can keep track of specialized activity levels; the collar lights up so owners can find their dog in the dark; and the GPS can be set up as a fence so owners are notified when their dog leaves a designated area. It’ll also let them know when their dog might be in a place that’s too cold or hot, like a car. All these external notifications happen through Link AKC’s companion iOS / Android app.

The Link AKC collar is now available for preorder for $199 and requires a monthly subscription that costs up to $9.95 per month. That subscription keeps the collar connected to a cell network.

Similar smart collars already exist and don’t require subscription plans. But Link AKC seems to think people will pay for the luxury collar and service. I mean, it’s made out of "high quality, durable latigo leather." We know about latigo leather, right? The company’s COO told Fast Company that the collar was designed for people who think of their dog "as a child and a close family member," so they’re justified in paying for the wearable, as well as the subscription.

That’s a lot of money for a collar, but maybe you love charging multiple devices and really want to put your dog on a fitness plan. Maybe it makes sense for you.