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Kello is an alarm clock that claims to help you regulate your sleep patterns

Kello is an alarm clock that claims to help you regulate your sleep patterns


Does sleep training even work?

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Sleep gadgets are having a moment. So far this year we’ve talked about connected beds, connected pillows, sleep trackers, and alarm clocks to help us optimize sleep time. We’re all apparently really struggling with this natural instinct. The Kello is a new sleep-oriented connected alarm clock that just launched on Kickstarter, but unlike other gadgets, its goal is to help us regularize our sleeping patterns, as opposed to tracking our actual time asleep.

More than anything, Kello especially tries to keep users away from the snooze button. It only allows for a specific number of snooze hits per week and once someone hits that number, they can’t silence the alarm without completely turning it off. Sleepers can use Kello to trigger all their other Wi-Fi devices, too, which they can then use as self-punishment for trying to press snooze. If they reach their snooze quota they might tell the clock to turn on their light, for instance.


Kello also has a built-in breathing exercise program to purportedly help sleepers fall asleep faster. The process is guided by Kello's lights, and the process typically lasts around 20 minutes.

That breathing mode and everything else is controlled through the clock’s companion iOS / Android app. It's where users can set alarms, choose music, and use other sleep programs, like one to help fight jet lag.

Most of the sleep tech we've tested hasn't worked very well, and although Kello doesn’t claim to help us track sleep, there’s still no way for us to verify whether its sleep training programs actually produce results. So as is always the case with Kickstarter, I have to say that advanced orders are at your own risk. Happy sleeping!