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BlackBerry's physical keyboard isn't going away yet

BlackBerry's physical keyboard isn't going away yet


According to the CEO, the QWERTY keyboard will be included on a future device

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After BlackBerry announced it was finished building its own smartphones yesterday, many people were concerned it signaled the end of the company's iconic QWERTY keyboards. But CEO John Chen put those worries to bed, clarifying in an interview with BNN that the company would release another smartphone with a physical keyboard in the near future.

Although BlackBerry will continue to make smartphones with QWERTY keyboards, it's possible it won't be the exact same keyboard you're used to. The company will have to maintain the style and build quality that everyone who enjoys BlackBerry's physical keyboards has grown accustomed to, without actually building or designing it. There's no timetable for a release of the next BlackBerry with a physical keyboard, but hopefully the company will take the time to make sure whoever is building the hardware does so correctly.