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Moment's lenses work with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but require a special mounting plate


The iPhone 7 is all about the camera. You knew that. But maybe you need more than the iPhone 7 Plus's dual cameras to capture a perfect photo. Moment announced today that its lenses now officially work with the iPhone 7, even with the 7 Plus’s dual cameras, though the lenses only cover the wide-angle camera.

The lens choices include a wide lens, tele lens, superfish lens, and a macro lens. They all cost $99.99 and require either a Moment Case or Moment Mounting Plate. The Mounting Plate costs $9.99, and the case will be $49.99 when it's eventually announced. Oh, and you’ll also want the free Moment App, which works with the Moment Case. There’s a lot of Moment synergy happening.

The Mounting Plate's pretty cool. Moment has a huge post about how they designed it for the new phone, which is worth checking out. Essentially it took a lot of work to get the lenses to function with the Plus, so good for them.