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You only need 128 of these DSLR controllers to re-create scenes from The Matrix

You only need 128 of these DSLR controllers to re-create scenes from The Matrix

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Lots of cameras today have built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect your DSLR to a smartphone and control the camera remotely. But for those that don’t, Joobot is here with the CamBuddy Pro, a DSLR controller that can be controlled through your phone.

Joobot claims that the CamBuddy Pro connects to a wide variety of both Nikon and Canon devices (a full list can be found on Joopic's website), connecting through a USB port on the camera. But while there are other DSLR controllers on the market, the CamBuddy Pro stands out with additional sound, light, and laser detection sensors to automatically trigger photos. Joobot envisions these being used to capture a flash of lightning, or snap a photo right when two glasses clink together for the perfect shot.

But the least practical and coolest feature that Joobot is showing off with the CamBuddy Pro is the ability to re-create the famed bullet-time camera ring from The Matrix. If you’ve got a ton of disposable income, you can connect up to 128 DSLRs (each with its own CamBuddy Pro, sold separately of course), and use them to shoot your own 360-degree freeze-frame shots.

As always, it’s important to note that Joobot is a new company that hasn’t actually shipped any hardware before, although the Joopic companion app for the CamBuddy Pro has been released already in the iTunes and Play stores. Joobot claims that the CamBuddy Pro is ready for manufacturing, and hopes to sell it for $149 when it comes out. However, early adopters willing to risk the eternal dice roll of crowdfunding can get one at a reduced price when the Kickstarter campaign launches on September 27th.