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Lenovo is ‘thinking very seriously’ about bringing Chrome OS to the Yoga Book

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Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo officially announced its Yoga Book last week at IFA, and while yes, we’re all thirsting for a chance to play with it, we still have a big question: why doesn’t it run Chrome OS? The device, which is part tablet, part 2-in-1, will ship running either Android Marshmallow or Windows 10. No Chrome OS :(. But maybe all hope isn’t lost!

In an interview with TechRadar this week, Matt Lazare, Yoga Book campaign manager at Lenovo, said he and his team are "thinking very seriously" about Chrome OS, "especially with the big upgrades coming down the road that will allow access to the Android app ecosystem."

"You should look for us to take this hardware platform in Yoga Book and make waves on that front," he said. "Obviously you'll hear more about that down the road."

Google’s operating system would make a good fit for the Yoga Book, especially given that it’d eventually be able to load Play Store apps along with Google’s web apps. Plus, it’s pretty, which is all I really want. Still, the Yoga Book hasn’t even shipped yet, so you’re stuck with your Chromebook for awhile.