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Xiaomi will reportedly begin selling the Mi Box as soon as next month

It will reportedly cost less than $100

Xiaomi will make its Mi Box available to US consumers before the end of the year — and possibly as soon as October — according to a report from TechCrunch. Back in May at Google I/O, Xiaomi showed off the latest version of its Mi Box, a 4K set-top box that runs on Android TV. The Chinese company announced that it would make the Mi Box available in the US, but didn't give out an actual date.

The Mi Box comes with a quad-core ARM processor, 8GB of storage, built-in Google Cast support, and can playback 4K video at 60fps. There's also a gaming controller that you can use to play games on the Android-powered device. The report also states that the Mi Box will likely come in under $100, which may give it a leg up on more expensive set-top boxes like the Roku 4 and Apple TV. Whether or not Xiaomi can garner a fraction of the name recognition of its competitors to make a dent in the holiday quarter is another question altogether.