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The PlayStation 4 now has its own knockoff Xbox One Elite controller

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The Xbox One Elite Controller is a beautiful piece of hardware, but if you're a PlayStation user (or an Xbox owner who can't afford a $150 controller), you've been left out in the cold. But there may be a solution for Elite-envying PS4 users with the not-at-all-copyright-infringing "PlayStation 4 Elite controller," from some nameless third party company.

Heavily inspired by Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller

The PlayStation 4 Elite controller, from what can be gleaned from the now offline Target listing, appears to be heavily inspired by Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller. It looks like a DualShock 4 controller but with the same rubberized grips, swappable accessories, paddles, and extremely familiar-looking geometric D-pad from Microsoft's high-end offering. The listing also claims that the PlayStation 4 Elite controller is compatible with all of Microsoft’s own Xbox One Elite accessories.

The Target website had the price listed at $79.99 for a November 1st release date before the page went down, which is a considerable savings compared to the Xbox One Elite, but also a bit more than a standard, Sony-made DualShock 4 (which sells for between $45 and $60 today, depending on where you buy it). The PlayStation knockoff also appears to lack some of the features found on Microsoft’s version, such as user-programmable button mapping and metal components.

But if you’re a PlayStation 4 owner who aspires to join gaming’s elite, the PlayStation 4 Elite controller should get you there (at least in name).