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TiVo is working on a network DVR that'll broadcast to your non-TVs

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A new FCC filing from TiVo suggests that the company might be working on a new device that will stream live TV to your non-TV connected devices. The filings say the new device, called the Mantis, is "a network DVR that is designed to receive OTA broadcast video and transcodes and send it out as a network stream either wired or wireless." It doesn’t have any video output, and we don’t know how storage will work, like whether users will have to provide their own hard drive or if it saves to the cloud.

TiVo (FCC)

TiVo acquired some of Aereo’s assets after the Supreme Court shut it down a couple years ago. This box could finally be the fruit of that purchase. TiVo’s CMO Ira Bahr apparently told users that the company would be releasing something new on September 15th, which most people thought would be an updated 4K-capable Bolt. TiVo forum users (it’s poppin’ in there) think the Mantis will be announced at CES. We’ll see!