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Apple will sell replacement iPhone 7 headphone adapters for $9 each

Apple will sell replacement iPhone 7 headphone adapters for $9 each


The first one's free, but if you lose it, the replacement won't be

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When you buy Apple's new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, inside the box you'll find a bundled Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter that you'll need to plug in wired headphones. The devices themselves lack a traditional headphone jack, which by now you already know. Apple made a point of emphasizing that the dongle will be free during its stage presentation. And that's definitely true, but whenever you inevitably lose that original adapter, you'll have to pay up for a replacement.

Thankfully they're being sold for a pretty reasonable price: $9 flat. Not even $9.99! Nine dollars. It's just a shame Apple isn't selling a black one in case you're getting either the jet black or matte black iPhone. It's currently listed as unavailable, but should be ready in time for the iPhone 7's launch next Friday, September 16th. Apple is also including a wired set of EarPods in the box that plug directly into the Lightning connector, but EarPods sound pretty bad. Maybe losing enough $9 adapters will push some people towards that wireless vision Apple kept talking about today.

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