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These are the iPhone 7-ready Lightning headphones you can buy right now if you have no chill

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Apple just announced that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be shipping without a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Which means if you haven’t switched to wireless, don’t want to jump on board with Apple’s new AirPods, and / or refuse to descend to the level of using the headphone dongle, it's time to start using Lightning headphones.

And while audio manufacturers undoubtably will be scrambling in the coming days and weeks to release new Lightning headphones, if you absolutely must have a pair of headphones ready to go on launch day (and refuse to sully your ears with the oblong pills of sadness that are Apple’s bundled Lightning EarPods), here are all of the Lightning cable headphones that are out now that you can buy today:


Audeze EL-8 Titanium, $799  (AudezeAmazon)

Audeze Sine, $499 (AudezeAmazon)

JBL Reflect Aware, $199.99 (JBLAmazon)

Philips Fidelio M2L, $199.99 (PhilipsAmazon)

Sony MDR-1ADAC, $399.99 (SonyAmazon)

Brightech In-Ear, $49.99 (BrightechAmazon)

Brightech On-Ear, $39.99 (BrightechAmazon)

SHARKK Lightning Headphones, $43 (Amazon)

Apple EarPods, $29 (Apple)

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter, $9 (Apple)

Apple Lightning to USB 3 Adaptor (for connecting unpowered USB DACs), $39 (Apple)


Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear, $179 (Libratone, preorders in September)

Audeze iSine 10, $399 (Audeze)

Audeze iSine 20, $599 (Audeze)

Audeze LCD i3, $2,495 (No ship date announced)

Tronsmart Encore, price to be announced (Tronsmart, preorders in September)

Thunder, $149 (Thunder, expected to ship February 2017)

Thunder Fit, $19 (Thunder, expected to ship November 2016)

Update September 9th, 10:11AM: Added more newly announced headphones

Audeze Sine Headphones for iPhone lightning port