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Apple quietly made it cheaper to replace a cracked iPhone screen

Apple quietly made it cheaper to replace a cracked iPhone screen


AppleCare+ is worth buying again

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Apple quietly made some changes to its AppleCare+ extended warranty for iPhones today. The updates weren't mentioned on stage, but didn't go unnoticed by 9to5Mac. Apple charges $129 to purchase the protection plan for all models other than the iPhone SE, which costs $99 to cover. But the deductible for replacing a shattered screen has gotten much cheaper. Now, you'll only have to pay $29 if a broken display is the lone problem with your iPhone. Together, that adds up to $158 if you need one screen repair, or $187 if you need a second.

That's significantly lower than the $99 screen replacement deductible Apple previously had in place for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus; older iPhone models were subject to a $79 fee for each replacement.

However, if your iPhone has damage elsewhere, you'll need to pay a flat $99 fee regardless of which model you have. If you don't have AppleCare+ at all, each broken display repair will cost between $129 and $149. So if you're the clumsy sort, it might end up cheaper to just purchase AppleCare+ — especially if you're the type to break your phone's screen twice within a couple years.

Since the new iPhone 7 is water resistant, you're pretty much covered for the most common two accidents; water shouldn't be a problem, and the screen is a little cheaper to replace if it has an unfortunate meeting with the sidewalk. Sadly this doesn't apply to consumers in regions where AppleCare+ is unavailable.

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