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Nest's learning thermostat now comes in white, black, and copper

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The design of Nest's thermostat has always been a key part of its appeal. As a product, it's supposed to save you money by adapting to your heating habits, but it also just looks a lot better than whatever plastic dial you currently have nailed to your wall. Now, the company is offering a little more variety for the Thermostat, releasing new white, black, and copper versions in new (unspecified) materials.

Make no mistake, they look good, but Nest's assumption that they'll also spruce up your social life is a stretch. Here's what the company says in a release: "We love the idea of your guests spotting your wall with a 'Wow' or a 'Whoa' and suddenly, you’re having a conversation about your Nest." Well sure, and suddenly, your guests are wondering if there's anything else to talk about. You can check out the colors yourself below: