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Astell & Kern's Bluetooth DAC makes any headphones wireless

Astell & Kern's Bluetooth DAC makes any headphones wireless

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As we barrel ahead toward a world without headphone jacks, Astell & Kern is providing a new way to take advantage of the wireless future we have been forced into enjoy. The AK XB10 is a wireless DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and amp that will let you use your wired headphones over Bluetooth with high-end sound.

Astell & Kern

The AK XB10 uses a Bluetooth codec from Qualcomm to deliver up to 24-bit HD audio over the wireless connection, which should deliver the hi-fi audio quality you've grown accustomed to. The device, which supports both 3.5mm and 2.5mm headphones, works with both iOS and Android, and supports voice calls with a built-in microphone. (It can also pause the music if your phone rings.)

Astell & Kern says the AK XB10 will last five hours on a single charge, and will come with a removable clip so you can attach it to your clothes or bag. The AK XB10 is available for preorder today on Astell & Kern's website for $189. It's expected to begin shipping later this month.