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Besound's Thunder noise-canceling Lightning earbuds could end up looking very cheap

Silver plating hmm

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Apple only killed the headphone jack a few days ago, and already, we’re seeing lots of Lightning headphones. Today we have an Indiegogo campaign from the company Besound for its Thunder earbuds. Here’s what you’ll want to know about them:

  • A pair starts at $149
  • They’re MFi-certified
  • They have a mic
  • They can automatically calibrate sound based off your personal sound preferences set in an app
  • They have an "aware" mode so they don’t totally cancel sound when you’re out and about

Great. That’s the earbuds! We of course have no way to verify the sound quality right now, so you’re taking a slight leap of faith by purchasing them on Indiegogo. Also it's worth noting that Libratone makes similar Lightning-powered, noise-canceling earbuds; so long, battery packs.

Let’s take a look at this Thunder.


I was into the look of them until I saw that photo above, which puts them out in direct sunlight. The silver plating looks, uh, not great. But hey! Who knows! They could look amazing. So is the Indiegogo life.