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The Tronsmart Encore in-ear headphones come with a built-in DAC

Get ready for a rush of Lightning headphones

Tronsmart is the latest headphone maker to announce a pair of in-ear Lightning headphones designed for the new iPhone 7, but it looks to be the first to include a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and a Lightning audio module (LAM) for the tiny speakers. The Tronsmart Encore in-ear headphones use a DAC and a LAM to deliver 48 kHz/24 bit digital audio (the DAC and LAM sit near the separated microphone instead of in the speaker). They also have noise-isolating ear tips and a Kevlar fiber cable to help reduce broken cords.

Tronsmart Encore

The Encore can answer calls like most in-ear headphones these days, and will come with tips in three different sizes. Tronsmart hasn't said how much the headphones will cost, but the company expects to start shipping them out later this month, once it receives MFi certification from Apple.

Despite the hassle that Apple has caused by removing the headphone jack, headphone companies have been prepping for the change, which likely means we'll be seeing a flurry of new headphones this holiday season.