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Everything new we learned about the Nintendo Switch’s crazy Joy-Con controller

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Nintendo is finally sharing details on the upcoming Switch console, starting with the modular Joy-Con controller. Here’s everything new we learned at the event:

  • The Joy-Con will be available in other colors besides the standard gray, in what Nintendo is calling Neon Blue and Neon Red colors.
  • The square button on the left Joy-Con is a Capture button for quickly taking pictures, and eventually video, of gameplay.
  • Each Joy Con has an accelerometer and gyroscope for Wii-like motion controls.
  • Each Joy Con has individual shoulder buttons located on the inside of the controller to use when separated for cooperative play.
  • The Joy Con also has a strap accessory that clips onto the inside part of the controller for motion gameplay, which also offers larger shoulder buttons.
Nintendo Switch Joycon
  • The Joy Con has advanced haptic feedback, which Nintendo is calling “HD Rumble.” The company claims that HD Rumble is precise enough to simulate the feel of different numbers of ice cubes falling into a glass, or the sensation of water being poured.
  • The right Joy Con controller has an IR camera that can determine the shapes and distance of objects.