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Apple kicks off AirPods TV campaign despite limited availability

Apple kicks off AirPods TV campaign despite limited availability


Good luck finding AirPods in a store right now

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Apple held off until after the holidays to run its first TV ad for AirPods, perhaps due to their constrained supply. That situation hasn't improved much, honestly, but you should start to see these video spots airing across cable networks as of this weekend. They feature dancer Lil Buck, who’s listening to his AirPods through the streets of Mexico City.

The 60-second “Stroll” is clearly meant to highlight the freedom and, as Apple loves to say, “magic” of truly wireless earbuds. (Wouldn’t most Bluetooth headphones allow for the same mobility?) Arguably the coolest things about the AirPods — the charging case and instant pairing — get about two seconds on screen. But they're showcased in the shorter clip below.

After all of Buck’s dancing on cars and walls and everyplace else, the ad ends with another neat AirPods trick: they automatically pause the music when you remove one of them from your ears. There's also a short ad focused on Siri.

The iPhone 7 gets a mention at the end, but remember that AirPods work with all iPhones on iOS 10, so you can use them with an iPhone 5 and anything newer. Again, that’s if you can find ‘em. The Apple Store currently shows a six-week shipping timeframe, so your best bet is hoping to catch a shipment as It comes in at the Apple Store. If you simply order a pair for in-store pickup, Apple's website says you might be waiting until March. Here's the last of the AirPods commercials, with the earbuds used as notes on a music staff.