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Little Blink camera expands into whole-home security, for a price

Little Blink camera expands into whole-home security, for a price


4G connectivity, touchpad, motion and water sensors, and more

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Today Blink is announcing a complete DIY home security ecosystem in support of its Blink and Blink XT cameras. The new products fit under Blink's new “Seecurity” brand that's way too cutesy for any self-respecting burglar to mess with. Products include a water sensor to warn of flooding, a keypad to arm and disarm the system, a 105-decibel siren with manual and motion triggers, and entry sensors for doors or windows. There's even a battery-powered, hub-like Sync Module to connect it all over a 4G data network when the internet and power is out. Blink is bundling everything inside kits that’ll start shipping in Q2, though you'll also be able to buy the individual products online.

Naturally, someone has to pay for that 4G connectivity, and that someone is you. Here, check out the pricing in this table:

Blink’s service plans support a maximum of 10 cameras. Blink cameras can still be used on their own without a subscription plan but you’ll have to pay up if you want to integrate them with the new Seecurity devices — they won’t work with the existing Wi-Fi only Sync Modules.

Blink started the year with a single product that I really liked: a tiny, relatively inexpensive indoor security camera that connects to your Wi-Fi network and runs for two years or more on a single pair of AA batteries. The Blink camera is sold in bundles that include the Wi-Fi-only sync module starting at $99 (one camera), $169 (two), $229 (three), or $349 (five cameras), with each additional camera costing $75 thereafter. A few weeks ago it launched its first weatherproof outdoor camera, the $119 Blink XT.

Blink says it shipped over 250,000 cameras in 2016 which ain’t too shabby for a security cam startup.

Update January 2nd, 11:19AM : Blink service plans support 10 cameras at no additional costs. Article updated to reflect pricing change since press briefing.