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TrackR announces new trackers for finding your misplaced stuff

TrackR announces new trackers for finding your misplaced stuff

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TrackR — a startup that makes small devices for tracking your lost things through a combination of Bluetooth and “crowd GPS” — announced some new ways to avoid losing your stuff at CES 2017.

The TrackR wallet 2.0 is the new version of the original TrackR wallet, and offers an improved, credit card-shaped form factor for easily storing in your wallet. The company claims that it's the "thinnest item-finder on the market" at just 2mm thick, but still offers all the features that the other members of the TrackR product line, including user replaceable batteries (which is one of the significant advantages that the TrackR has over its competitor, Tile). Like all TrackR devices, the TrackR wallet 2.0 will track an item up to 100 feet away using Bluetooth, and once you go outside that range, relies on a crowdsourced network of other TrackR products to locate it. So the usefulness of the system is reliant on how many other Trackr devices are out there in your neighborhood. The TrackR wallet 2.0 will start at $29.99 when it’s released sometime in spring later this year. 

The company is also releasing the TrackR pixel, a cheaper version of its flagship TrackR bravo. The pixel swaps the bravo's aluminum casing for plastic, and reduces the $29.99 price point down to $24.99. Preorders for the TrackR pixel start January 2nd, with shipping planned to begin in the spring. 

The new updates joins an earlier announcement of the TrackR atlas, a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-equipped wall plug that expands the item finding abilities of the TrackR system to work indoors on a room-by-room basis. Additionally, the TrackR atlas supports Amazon's Alexa assistant, making it possible to simply ask your Echo to locate your TrackR-equipped item the next time you lost it. The TrackR atlas is already available for preorder for $39.99 on the TrackR website, and is expected to ship in the spring alongside the TrackR pixel.