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Samsung's new four-in-one washer / dryer takes laundry to the extreme

Samsung's new four-in-one washer / dryer takes laundry to the extreme


‘Yo dawg, I heard you like laundry machines...’

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I hate doing laundry more than any other chore in my life. Between dragging a laundry bag around the corner to the laundromat, lugging detergent, counting out the right amount of quarters, and waiting for loads to finish, every load represents tons of my life wasted.

Suffice to say, I'm extremely interested in Samsung's absolutely crazy four-in-one FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system, which promises to be "the most advanced, flexible laundry solution" in the world. First up is the FlexWash washing machine, which starts things off with five cubic feet of laundry capacity (Samsung says this is the most for machines in its class). But the magic comes in a second one-cubic foot washer on top, allowing you to do two loads at once, finally providing a way for me to wash the single red shirt I own without having to run a second useless load. 

To be fair, we've already seen a dual-load washing machine before, in the form of LG's Twin Wash system. But LG's system only allowed you to wash two loads, leaving you high and dry when it came to, well, drying them. Samsung takes the concept a step further though with the companion FlexDry dryer that adds a second, Delicate Rack dryer zone that can automatically adjust temperature based on the fabric, in addition to the primary dryer.  

Finally, the washer / dryer combo can be fully controlled with the Samsung Smart Home app, letting you run loads and monitor progress from the comfort of other places that aren't your laundry room.

On the other hand, Samsung is coming off of a recent recall of about 2.8 million washing machines following issues where the top of the machine would dangerously pop off. And while the FlexWash is a side loading model, the auxiliary washer is top loading, which could be something for potential buyers to consider.

Past history aside, though, it looks like Samsung’s four-in-one set seems to solve most of my laundry problems (except for fitting it in my tiny apartment, anyway). While Samsung hasn't announced a price or release date for the FlexWash + FlexDry system, the company will be showing it off at CES this week, so it's possible we'll get more information soon.