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More photos emerge of HTC and Under Armour’s smartwatch collaboration

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Is a HTC smartwatch really coming this year? It looks like it.

We first saw what appeared to be a prototype wearable in a company video all the way back in 2014, and last year, images leaked of an Android Wear device codenamed “Halfbeak” — with a heart rate sensor on the underside and co-branding from fitness startup Under Armour. (The companies have had a not-quite-stable partnership for a few years.) Now, even more pictures of Halfbeak have appeared on Weibo:

There’s no new info to gleam from these images, but it’s worth noting that the watch is running a version of Android Wear 1.0 — odd when 2.0 is due out just next month.

At any rate, if HTC is finally releasing Halfbeak, we can probably expect to hear more at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. The Verge will be there of course, so stay tuned for any forthcoming news.