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These e-sports shorts have moisture-absorbent panels for your sweaty gamer palms

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KontrolFreek seemingly wants to become the Under Armour for e-sports players. Today the company released its “Performance Gaming Wear,” which it says is the first apparel line specifically designed to make gamers better at gaming. The line, which debuted at the December Major League Gaming Vegas tournament, consists of a hoodie and a pair of “gaming shorts.” While athletes require breathable shorts, or temperature-controlled shirts, e-sports players have different needs. KontrolFreek thinks it’s adequately addressed them.

For one, gamers’ hands get sweaty and sticky. Where are they supposed to dry their hands? A towel? Their jeans? Their regular sweatpants? Definitely not. KontrolFreek’s hoodie and shorts feature certain areas made of moisture-wicking fabric so players can wipe their hands. KontrolFreek writes that this material allows gamers “to easily dry their palms and fingers, mitigating thumb slippage to increase control and accuracy.” This sounds like a feature that might be useful, just make sure to wash those shorts after wearing them for obvious reasons.


What else has KontrolFreek thought through? The hoodie has an oversized hood to fit headphones while also providing a “sense of enclosure, increasing [gamers’] ability to focus.” The shorts have “extra-deep” pockets and a “low-waist design” that falls slightly above the knee when sitting. Basically, they’re basketball shorts with special wicking material.

Both the shorts and hoodie are available now for $35.99 and $65.99, respectively. I just wish I just didn’t have to write the word “freek” so many times.