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Kitables wants to build even smaller Lego drones

DIY Lego drone kits for the kids... and the nostalgic adults

Last year, a startup named Kitables was one of a few companies that unleashed working Lego drones into the world. Now the startup is back, and it’s attempting to build an even smaller version of its drone, which it’s calling — you guessed it — the Mini Lego Drone.

Kitables has launched a Kickstarter, which is already fully funded, in order to bring the mini Lego drones to life. The drone, which is designed to be a cheaper option to get kids into the “maker” community and learn how to build gadgets with their hands, will be cheaper than Kitables’ $69 full-sized Lego drone.

The company hasn’t said exactly how much it will cost, but one Mini Lego Drone Kit can be yours if you back the project for $50.