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This disembodied head is the most terrifying incarnation of Alexa

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Steve Studnicki / YouTube

I love all inventions. I mean, people have a lot of bad ideas, but I love the spirit of ingenuity, and I love that the internet gives inventors around the world a place to share their projects. All right, with that out of the way, let’s talk about this disembodied robotic Alexa head:

We’ve seen Amazon’s Alexa API used in all sorts of regular gadgets and in unconventional ones, too, like a singing fish and a coffee pot with googly eyes. Elvia is different, though. The robot, designed by someone named Steve Studnicki, has soulless eyes and busted teeth. Its mouth moves, but not very well, and its earrings are, uh, something to behold. Steve says he used a USB soundcard and software called EZ Robot to create the bot. Now, I don’t want to diminish Steve’s work. Good job, Steve; I appreciate your spirit of ingenuity. But Elvia is terrifying.

The only thing that might be more off-putting is if this robot talked to another robot. Oh wait: