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Roccat's latest gaming mice feature a new 12,000 DPI sensor

Roccat's latest gaming mice feature a new 12,000 DPI sensor

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Past a few essential features and reasonably accurate tracking and latency, gaming mice are a mostly personal choice. The specs, like "DPI" and "IPS" have been cranked so high lately that it's unlikely any human could notice the difference. Still, Roccat would kindly like you to have a look at its latest trio of clickers, the Leadr, Kone EMP, and Kone Pure 2017, which all feature the brand new Roccat-exclusive "Owl-Eye" optical sensor.

According to the marketing material, "[Owl-Eye] translates mouse movements on screen with 1:1 accuracy. The sensor provides a level of control so natural and innate that it totally bridges the gap between user and game." Which kind of makes sense as marketing material, because how else would you describe what a 12,000 DPI optical mouse sensor with 50G acceleration and 250 IPS motion detection does? If you're looking for max DPI, Razer is still winning with its 16,000 DPI DeathAdder Elite, but seriously why are you looking for max DPI? Roccat recommends setting your Owl-Eye mouse to somewhere between 400 and 3,000 DPI.

The Leadr is a wireless gaming mouse with "zero lag and virtually zero latency." Kone EMP (pictured above) has all the buttons and LEDs you could want and a four directional scroll wheel. Finally, Kone Pure 2017 is a mere 88 grams and designed for gamers with "slimmer hands."

No word on price or exactly when these will start shipping.