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Roccat made a keyboard with pressure-sensitive QWEASD keys

Roccat made a keyboard with pressure-sensitive QWEASD keys

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We checked out Roccat's frameless Suora mechanical keyboard back in June of last year and found it to be, frankly, wonderful. It's a keyboard for "purists," winning points on quality and attention to detail. The Isku+ Force FX is something completely different.

Roccat has devoloped its own patented "Force FX" technology to allow for pressure-sensitivity on the all-important gaming keys: Q, W, E, A, S, and D. In my experience, the binary-ness of using a PC gaming keyboard for movement is an advantage over analog thumbsticks, but if you want some of that console feel in your PC games you apparently aren't alone: a Kickstarter project for an analog mechanical keyboard was funded last year.

Unfortunately for mechanical keyboard lovers, the Isku+ Force FX has the same membrane keys as the Isku FX. Fortunately for deal lovers, this new keyboard will hit the same price point as the Isku FX, around $100.