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The SpeedX Unicorn smart bike’s frame will automatically smooth out your ride

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This gadget has pedals

Road bike startup SpeedX is returning to the crowdfunding well to get the company’s second smart bicycle off the ground. It’s called the SpeedX Unicorn, and it’s a computer-equipped bike that is built for a super smooth ride and costs $3,199.

How do you ensure a smooth ride? You build a frame that does this:

The Unicorn isn’t just about eliminating bumps, though. It’s got a 2.2-inch touchscreen that pulls data from an integrated power meter, allowing riders to accurately measure things like watt output without buying any third-party devices.

Of course, I’m guessing if you are a serious cyclist then you might have an affinity for a particular third-party bike computer or power meter. I’m also guessing that many readers might not want or need a bike this fancy or expensive. But the Unicorn is a prime example of why gadgets aren’t dead. Who’d have ever thought we’d see multiple Android-powered bikes in the span of just a few months?