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You can now control your Hyundai through Google Home

You can now control your Hyundai through Google Home


‘OK Google, start up my car’

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Hyundai’s Blue Link service, in addition to offering automatic emergency support, lets owners control various aspects of their cars remotely through a connected smartphone, Apple Watch, or Android Wear device. At CES 2017, the car company announced a new partnership with Google to add voice control for your car through the Google Home.

That means that various Blue Link remote access functions like starting your car or unlocking the doors can be controlled simply by talking to your Google Home. Additionally, Blue Link supports Google Maps, so Home can look up addresses using Google’s mapping data, deliver the results, and send directions straight to your car all through voice control.

None of this is exactly new, per say — Hyundai’s offered similar support through smartphones and smartwatches for a while, and we’ve even seen an Alexa-controlled Tesla hack. That said, Hyundai’s implementation is one of the first official integrations for controlling a car with a digital home assistant. Additionally, Hyundai claims that it’ll be adding more features before it launches the Action for Google Home, but currently isn’t offering an estimate as to when it will be available.