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Circuit Breaker

Say hello to Circuit Breaker's gadget bot on Facebook Messenger

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I'm proud to announce a new experiment we're trying at CES this year: a Facebook Messenger bot of marginal utility. If you hit up Circuit Breaker on Facebook Messenger, you'll be talking to a robot. Ask for "gadget" and you'll get a random Circuit Breaker post, a great way to cut through the noise of CES via arbitrary selection. You can also ask the bot for things like "review," "top story," and "drone." Need some tech support? Tell it "My Zune doesn't work" and get some great advice. Ask it "Samsung vs. Apple" and get a coin flip to settle all arguments.

We at Circuit Breaker know you have a lot of choices for robots to talk to, at little advantage to yourself, but we hope you'll take a little time this week to chat with this gadget bot. If you hate it, I'd like to assure you that the gadget bot is incapable of any sort of feelings toward you.

See you over on Facebook!