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OWC’s USB-C dock adds ports, but makes your new MacBook Pro thicker than the 2012 model

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USB-C laptops are still largely unexplored territory, and the form factors the docks and dongles we use to connect old gear to these new laptops is still very much in the air. But one idea that seems to be cropping up for the laptops of tomorrow is sticking a huge, bulky attachment to restore some old functionality.

OWC is the latest accessory maker to try this strategy, with its DEC USB-C dock for Apple’s new MacBook Pros. And while there’s not a ton of information as to what ports with DEC will offer beyond a USB-C port to connect to a MacBook Pro and an SD slot, AppleInsider is reporting that the Dec will offer legacy USB 3.0 ports, gigabit ethernet, and up to 4TB of SSD-based storage. All that in a form factor that OWC claims is only as thick as the 2012 MacBook Pro. OWC already sells a USB-C dock, but the DEC seems to offer a more portable form factor for avoiding dongles while on the go.

OWC plans to ship the DEC later this year in the spring, but no concrete price, specification, or release details have been announced beyond that.

Also, ew.