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Shure made a $100 Lightning cable with built-in DAC for its earbuds and the iPhone 7

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No more dongle

Designing headphones with a detachable cable has its benefits; just take Shure for an example. At CES 2017 the company has announced its Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable. It’s a straight-to-the-point, boring name, yes — but this $99.99 cable could ease the transition to the iPhone 7 for owners of Shure earbuds. And it might even make your music sound better.

The Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable is compatible with Shure’s SE series of sound isolating headphones, which have detachable cables that normally plug into a 3.5 audio jack. A Shure representative said the company began working on a Lightning replacement well before the iPhone-without-headphone-jack rumors began.

For that $100 price, you get an inline DAC and amplifier “custom designed by Shure engineers.” That could potentially improve your listening experience, but we’ve not tested it ourselves yet. The cable also includes the standard three-button remote and mic. It will begin shipping this spring. The list of compatible earbuds is:

  • SE215
  • SE315
  • SE425
  • SE535
  • SE846

It’s certainly not cheap. If the price is too much for you, there’s always Apple’s $10 dongle, which comes included with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.