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If you buy this PC made out of wood please don't play Overwatch with both hands on the keyboard

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Look at this cool computer! It sure makes this guy laugh and laugh. He's such a cool guy, he even takes notes with pen and paper and has need for a desk lamp because computers don't define him.

Except... if I could make one request.

Please don't join my Overwatch team, snap pick McCree, and then refuse to use your mouse. I know your PC is made out of wood by Computer Direct Outlet in South Carolina. I get it. You bought a Volta V. It's special.

There's a GeForce 1070 inside that box, and the wood is all USA-grown. I understand how great this is for you. And only $1,999 for all this style and power!

But you need to aim. See, this woman is using the keyboard exclusively to draw a picture of a person drawing on a computer:

It makes no sense! But at least she’s not letting her whole team down, you know?