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Apple should probably make black AirPods

Apple should probably make black AirPods


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Last week, I pondered the fashion value of Apple’s AirPods with The Verge’s Sean O’Kane and our friends from Racked. Some people, both on Instagram (where we posted that awesome headline photo) and in the comments of the article, noted that they’d buy AirPods if they came in black. A jet black iPhone 7 with black AirPods would look sharp as hell. But, as we all know, Apple really doesn’t do the whole color options thing when it comes to its earbuds. White is the company’s way, unless you feel like buying Beats with your own money. Maybe it’s time for Apple to change.

Apple isn’t being very flexible with its idea of future tech design. Sure, fashion designers release a single line and if you dig it you buy it, but there are a lot of clothing options available. There’s only one AirPods. Apple has always been prescriptive with its style, but at least we have iPhone color choices, even if we end up stuck with rose gold.

Now, luckily, enterprising companies are responding to our cry for color. An online store called BlackPods recently launched and specializes in selling black AirPods coated in a proprietary formula, of course. We don’t know how nice these AirPods look because the site only shows renders, but still, the idea is promising. A new customized pair costs $249 while coating an existing pair costs $99. Another company, SlickWraps, is also selling AirPods skins that people can apply at home for only $14.95. Random dreamers, too, are envisioning black AirPods. These will have to do until Apple gives us some choice. Ehm, Apple. Wink wink nudge nudge throat clearing throat clearing.

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